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Experience the best of Fernwood Fitness with our full range of premium gym services, all designed to complement your holistic health, fitness and wellness journey. These services are additional paid services that you can add to your membership at any time. Think Reformer Pilates, high intensity interval training (HIIT), one-on-one personal training, and more.

Reformer Pilates

Release stress and improve your daily wellbeing with Fernwood Reformer Pilates group classes, which offer a wide variety of exercises to promote overall coordination, strength, flexibility and balance. Due to popular demand and a growing interest among our community, we have started to offer reformer Pilates classes at some of our Fernwood clubs across the country.

Fernwood FIIT30

Get serious results in a seriously short time, with our small group training program Fernwood FIIT30, based on high intensity interval training (HIIT). The 30-minute sessions are run by a personal trainer and are designed for women of all fitness levels. Get fitter, leaner and stronger with your tribe by your side.


Similar to FIIT30, our FIITRIGHT sessions are ideal for building foundations for functional movement, with a little less sweat and intensity. These sessions are great for women who have taken some time away from training, and those who want to learn proper exercise form and technique with the guidance of a personal trainer.

Personal Training

If you're searching for a 'personal trainer near me', then our qualified, experienced and highly skilled personal trainers can work with you to track your progress, reach your goals and create a personalised workout plan tailored to you. Build strength, confidence and a love of exercise, all while doing full-body workouts with the correct form and technique.

Food Coaching

Need that extra support when it comes to healthy eating? Fernwood Food Coaching is a complete solution, based on the extensively researched Mediterranean diet. Achieve and maintain great results with expert advice, accountability and support.


With many mums in the Fernwood community, we know that sometimes it can be hard to get to the gym when you have children. So we're here to offer you support with our creche facilities, which are available at many Fernwood clubs. We'll keep the kids entertained while you sweat it out on the gym floor.

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